Doft - best solution for owner-operator truck drivers

Ask any owner-operator truck driver what are some of the unnecessary costs that they face daily and I am sure that all will point to the freight brokers. The middle-men between authorized transportation companies and service provider. They negotiate the deal and get paid for that. No searching for loads, no driving, no loading or unloading. So, wouldn't it be good if we could cut the middle man out and cut the unnecessary payment for that?

Well, some good news on the trucking industry market lately. A solution called DOFT has been launched nationwide. Doft, which stands for 'do freight transportation'. Is been called uber-like service for trucks, connecting shippers and trucks within two minutes. The Doft platform removes freight brokers and dispatchers, instead taking the transport fee of $4.99 percent from each side and serves as a connection between direct shippers and owner-operator truck drivers. It is aimed to help around 400,000 owner operators in the US.

What started as a concept between two, tech-savvy friends, now it is disrupting the whole logistics industry, in a good way, by giving back the power to the owner-operator truck drivers.

These drivers generate approximately $80 billion each year, hardly any recognition, and are pushed aside in favor of the big haulage companies.

Another major problem that they face is that up to 25% of the time, their trucks are driving with no cargo. So, the aim of Doft is for the trucks to be fully loaded to and from any given destination.

It is quite simple - how it works. Just download the app, make a profile and start driving. And the best part is that the drivers get paid in 24 hours. The app also rate the drivers, so shippers can choose their driver and at the same time the drivers aim for a good rating, which then means more work and more money.

So, just few short points why shippers and drivers use Doft:

  • Drivers get paid in 24hrs
  • More freight to move
  • Reduce deadhead miles
  • Shippers get instant rate confirmation
  • GPS tracking of shipments

Source: TruckerPlanet