Doft Releases a Service App to Assist Truckers


Doft is a new app, available for iOS and Android devices, addressed to truckers to find work. The company considers itself as the number one service in the freight transportation industry to find cargo through an app, connecting transportation companies and truckers in just a few minutes. The app is available throughout the United States, but the big part of drivers and users of the app are based in the state of California.

By using this solution, the dispatchers and freight brokers are removed from the equation related to a transaction between a transportation company and a trucker. The platform charges each side with 4.99 percent of a service fee that provides transparency to the agreements, avoiding the usual problems related to transportation sector, such as obscurity and inefficiency.

The founders of the company aim high and they have the intention of becoming a big and important transportation company in order to enhance the efficiency on the sector and save transportation companies and a trucker's time and money, while helping the natural environment.

The company is looking for freelance owner operators, who generally are forgotten by the larger transportation companies and represent approximately 400,000 drivers across the U.S, to become users of the app.

The biggest issue solved by Doft is providing work to the drivers who are driving without cargo, something that happens around 15-25 percent of the time and is harmful to the environment because of the unnecessary emissions. In addition, this app helps truck drivers not lose 25 percent of their potential salary based on the Doft goal of helping trucks being loaded with cargo heading to and from any destination.

On the other hand, the company supports small shippers that work with short time frames to find a trucker because they usually come across last minute shipping. Trying to find a truck in such a short period of time is stressful and time consuming. With Doft's solution, the small companies can resolve their last moment shipment issues even if an order comes in late.

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Source: El Trailero Magazine